5 Ways To Impress Your Escort

If you happen to be the type of guy who likes to leave a good impression wherever he goes then we’re presuming this extends to when you meet up with your Eros Escort too. In case you’re wondering just exactly how you do that (ie make your escort think fondly of you in your absence when she can have her pick of clients to think about) then there are five ways to do exactly that:

⦁ Be confident. We don’t mean be one of those annoying and overbearing types of men, but rather just show that you are assured of your place in the world. Escorts – and in fact all women – like a man who is self-assured and no push-over but who has the manners to be grateful. There’s also the point that no escort wants to nanny her client (unless, of course, that’s exactly what you’ve paid for – and there are girls who specialise in this type of service anyhow).

⦁ Dress well. Turn up at her door in a tracksuit and you’re going to plunge down in her estimation. On the other hand, if she answers the door and you greet her in a smartly tailored suit or a fresh shirt and neatly pressed chinos then she will reciprocate with a huge – and appreciative – smile. She has spent hours making an effort to look great for you; after all, so it’s only fair you do likewise. That also means showering beforehand, cutting your nails, getting rid of any nose or ear hair and making sure you smell great. All this is important because, as you probably know yourself, first impressions count...

⦁ Be humorous. You’re not there in your escort’s apartment because you’re on trial, but rather to have a great time with a beautiful woman. The best way to relax and have fun when you’re with another human being is to laugh. So, crack a few jokes and exude optimistic and positive vibes (you should be in a good mood just being there anyhow). Your escort will be doing everything she can to ensure you’re having a good time and being in a good mood will make it a lot easier for her and which, in turn, will make the whole encounter even more enjoyable for you.

⦁ Show intelligence. Escorts like to have intellectual conversations just as much as the next woman so if you’re smart, show it. Intelligence is very sexy after all and it may just get her even more delighted to be with you.

⦁ Make eye-contact. You may want to stare at your escort’s beautiful body all the time. But resist. Give her the courtesy of talking to her face and seeing her as a person, rather than a fabulous figure and beautiful face.

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