The different types of escort experiences you can enjoy

Trying to pick one particular escort service can be as confusing as opening a big box of chocs with many of your favourites in it. Do you go for something that you know you’ll already love because you choose it every time knowing it’s a sure-fire winner? Or perhaps you’ll take a chance and opt for an intriguing new filling, something with a hard centre this time? So many choices, so many decisions but luckily for you it’s possible to have them all if you’re patient enough.

That’s because, unlike that box of chocs, no-one is going to come along and deprive you of the rest of the box. There will always be gorgeous girls ready to give you a taste of all those other ‘flavours.’ So, just what are some of the top choices on offer here at Eros Escorts?

Role-playing. Adopting another persona and dressing up in costume to really get in the mood, role-playing can be seriously sexy fun. It’s also excellent for getting rid of any inhibitions you might have since the more you get into the role, the more you ‘lose’ yourself and the more heightened the experience becomes.

Watersports. You’ve probably thought about the rather kinky practice of watersports from time to time but it’s not always easy to get a non-escorting partner to participate. Watersports involve urinating on another individual – either you on the escort or vice versa. There are lots of different positions a professional escort can adopt and it’s all good, clean (fresh urine is sterile) fun.

BDSM (bondage). Go into a different escorting realm altogether with a bit of BDSM. The term stands for Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism and it can be as extreme or light as you want it to be. A very exciting area of escorting, it involves role playing, dressing up and often restraint. There’s always a power play involved too with either you as the dominant partner or your escort.

Girlfriend experience. Cuddle up and get cosy with a girlfriend escort. She’ll listen to you, hold your hand, make you feel special, provide all the reassurance you’d expect from a girlfriend and accompany you to any special events such as a concert, a restaurant meal and theatre etc. In fact, she will do everything you’d expect from a ‘normal’ relationship.

Foot fetish escort. Got a thing about feet? Lots of our clients here at Eros Escorts have and which is why we have beautiful girls working with us who are dedicated to the practice of pleasing men with such desires. Whether you fancy sucking toes, stroking smooth arches, cupping ankles or simply staring at a beautiful foot in a pair of impossibly high stilettos you can have all your fantasies come true with such a lady in London.

The above a merely a selection of the services you can expect to find at a high-quality escort service like ourselves here at https://www.erosescorts.co.uk/. Go to our website to find others such as Hardcore, Couples, Kinky etc...

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