Why are Tantric Massages so Relieving?

Tantric massages are an incredible experience when carried out properly, such as with one of the gorgeous girls working with us here at Eros Escorts in London.

Such a massage involves a high element of mental involvement – unlike other massages which concentrate far more on the physical side. That’s because a Tantric massage seeks to awaken erotic urges and encourage the recipient to move energy down their own body via means of self-control and even denial. In this sense, it is very much about both mind and body stimulation. And when we say body we don’t just mean the shoulders or lower back. Read on to see exactly what we’re talking about when it comes to experiencing this 5000-year-old ancient healing ritual:

What happens at the beginning of a Tantric massage?

Before your escort even lays her hands on you she will encourage you to relax via chatting. This takes place at the very beginning of the session and lasts for around ten minutes. It’s especially important if you have never met this particular escort before. She can answer any questions you might have about the practice and put to rest any potential fears or anxieties. She’ll also want to know about you ie if you have any tender areas or mental blocks.

Breathing is an important part of the Tantric massage and when done properly can invite more energy into the body which can, in turn, be utilised throughout the massage technique. Therapists believe it also helps you feel more present and in tune with your body.

And so to the actual Tantric massage itself…

The first part of the massage involves your escort gently stroking the length of your body with her fingers. Your escort may also blindfold you in order to carry out a ritual to make you feel completely at one with your body. Being blindfold encourages you to concentrate on other senses such as taste, touch and smell.

Next, you will be encouraged to lie face down on the massage table and at which point the gentle stroking will begin. There are different areas to be massaged.

⦁ Yoni massage. The technique employed in the genital area is known as the Yoni massage. It’s aimed at spreading the pleasure from stroking this area throughout the body and which can be enhanced via breathing techniques.

⦁ Prostrate massage. The prostrate – or anal – massage is usually very well received by male clients and can actually go on to have health benefits for the prostate area itself. That’s because it involves the escort massaging the sphincter muscles and then inserting her finger slowly into the anus.

How to book a Tantric massage with an Eros Escort

Tantric massage is something we recommend you experience at least once in your life – and at the hands of an expert. The gorgeous girls who specialise in this technique here at Eros Escorts can be found on our website. There you will also find 100 percent genuinely unedited and recent photographs of the girls to choose which particular one you would like to experience the Tantric act with.

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