American Escorts

You tend to hear typical American escorts in London before you see them – so loud and ‘up for it’ are this fun-loving and confident bunch. Ready to roll whenever there is a party near and if there isn’t, well these gorgeous gals will find one anyway, they are always fun to have around whether individually or as a group.

Of course, the US of A is a big country and there are striking personality differences within States. Your typical Californian escort, for instance, will be very outgoing and laid back while a New Yorker will be brazen, incredibly outspoken and a do-er rather than someone who likes to be led. These are extremely, of course, but if you’ve ever been the States then you’ll know there’s a lot of truth in them.

The main thing is though, you can be sure your American escort in London will be simply stunning to look at. Most are tall and slim with knock-out curves and know how to dress to impress. All are enthusiastic for life and really do want their clients to have not just a ‘nice day’ but a terrific one... and they will certainly see to that!

What do American escorts in London look like?

Most American escorts are all about the image. And in America, that means perfectly white teeth, beautifully shiny hair and flawless skin. Slimness is also a pre-requisite. A daily gym session is a must for most of the American lovelies that we work with so you can just imagine how fit and flexible these lovelies are.

Where are our American escorts in London from?

America is a big country and we have girls from all four points of the compass. As well as New York City and California (where like pop star Sting and wife Trudi the girls put a big emphasis on Tantric Sex), our girls hail from Texas, Chicago, Florida and even Alaska. So simply choose your accent!

Why you should hire an American escort in London

American escorts are simply great fun and completely distracting to spend time with (which is great if you want to completely relax and just forget everything that’s going on in your life).They never suffer from British reserve or shyness we’ve found. And, if as a first-time client you are feeling that slightly intimidating way then believe us, an American escort is the best type of gal to go with.

How to book an American escort London at Eros Escorts

Setting up an escorting date with an American escort is easy with us here at Eros escorts in London. Once you have chosen which particular professional and discreet escort you would like to get to know from our 100 percent genuine and recent web photographs, then just ring us with a preferred date and time on 07393833382. Or, if that’s simply not possible, then email us via the Contact Us page on our website at https://www.erosescorts.co.uk/. See – hooking up really couldn’t be easier!

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