Blonde Escorts

There is no doubt about it – men definitely prefer Blonde escorts in London to any other hair colour. We’re really not sure if it’s the whole sweet and wholesome thing that does it, or the raunchy big busted American stereotype blonde image that’s more powerful in a man’s imagination. But whatever it is, it works. We find that blonde escorts in London here at Eros escorts are booked twice as much as brunettes, dark-haired and red-headed escorts – initially at least.

The best blondes of different nationalities

This means that our Swedish Escorts, in particular, are pretty well booked up instantly by first-time clients. Of course, not only are Swedish females incredibly pretty but many of them are tall and slim too. And, as if that wasn’t galling enough for women of other nationalities, Swedish females also tend to be blessed with large busts and pert bottoms. Certainly, those two gorgeous singers in Abba did a lot for Sweden’s image back in the Seventies and Eighties when it came to beautiful female Swedish stereotypes.

But of course, beautiful blonde girls with amazing bodies can be found from many different nationalities. Some of our favourite blondes are Americans, for instance. The typical sexy blonde college American girl in her tight tee-shirts and teensy shorts is tall too, and usually outgoing. When these lovely ladies come to study or work here as blonde escorts in London many end up offering their talents as domination escorts, which they feel is more suited to their assertive personalities. And certainly, we’ve had no complaints from clients to say otherwise!

British blondes with their lovely peaches and cream complexion tend to fit the sweet and demure stereotype better – the voluptuous Devonshire milk maid of author Thomas Hardy’s books such as Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

And what of Italian blondes – Donna Versace-style with their impeccable tailored dress sense and fiery personalities, who lose their cool at the drop of a hat (or, in this case, earring) but who are incredibly hot and passionate between the sheets? These girls do a roaring trade as blonde escorts in London too.

But then, why restrict yourself to just one nationality? If you have the stamina and time then you could devote yourself to two blonde bombshells from countries across the globe – and both at the same time! We’re talking about making an appointment with a Duo Escort service here. Certainly, having two gorgeous girls at the one time is a much fairer way to compare we’d have thought here at Eros escorts London. One great combination – if you can get them in the room together – is a gorgeous American blonde escort and an equally lovely Russian blonde escort. That should definitely put paid to any notion of a resurgence of the Cold War!

How to book a sexy blonde escort in London

Ready to have lots of blonde fun? Then why not give us a call here at Eros escorts in London on 07393833382 or send us an email via our website https://www.erosescorts.co.uk/. Booking is both quick and easy.

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