Couple Escorts

Couple escorts in London are women who concentrate on both individuals in a relationship at the one time – both are her clients and both as important as each other; she doesn’t differentiate. In saying that she focuses on both, we don’t mean necessarily simultaneously, but rather that each will have his and her turn when it comes to massage, chat and whatever else has been promised for that particular encounter.

Often a married pair who feel their marriage has gotten a bit stale of late will call us here at Eros Escorts and order a couples escort to come and help them liven things up a bit. Certainly, it makes sense and it’s a whole lot less expensive than getting a divorce – or emotionally traumatising to the relationship by one person going off and having an affair. In other words, many men and women who together use a couples escort in London as a way of repairing their relationship – or at least getting a bit of zest back into it.

Rest-assured too that our couples escorts are completely discreet and very professional.

What do Couple escorts London do?

A Couples escort tends to work very hard, as we’re sure you can imagine; she’s dealing both physically and emotionally with two clients at the one time. This can often be a bit of a tall order and is the reason why only our most experienced escorts who have been in the business for at least five years or so tend to offer couples services.

Meanwhile, in order to lighten the encounter for couples who may initially feel a bit awkward if they’ve never hired a couples escort before, our Eros escort will usually engage in a little role-playing. If it involves dressing up then so much the better as it makes the fantasy feel so much more real.

Where is the best place to meet a Couples escort London?

Some of our Couples escorts like to entertain at home where they have all of their equipment and their own ‘playroom’ while others are happy to provide outcall services where they will turn up at a pre-arranged address (this could include a hotel room in the city centre or even a country house-type affair). Some couples escorts are invited to couples parties and most are fine with this provided they have already met the couple beforehand – otherwise, how will she recognise you?!

What do a Couples escort London look like?

Any age, any hair colouring, any nationality – couples escorts are like your typical ‘ordinary’ escort in that they come from all walks of life. There is no ‘typical’ couples escort. However, you will know what you escort is going to look like because you will choose her from her photograph on our website. All our photographs are genuine, untouched, and recent so your escort will indeed look as gorgeous as she does online when you meet in the flesh.

How to book a Couples escort in London

Simply call us on 07393 833382 or email via our website at https://www.erosescorts.co.uk/.

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