Domination Escorts

Domination escorts in London are probably one of the most popular types of services in the capital these days when it comes to booking an escort. We’re not sure why men love to be told what to do and issued with some pretty strict corporal punishment, but they apparently seem to – and very much so.

Men from all walks of life book sessions with our extremely bossy domination escorts. From High Court judges to shopkeepers and even senior police officers, they all come along and end up doing exactly as they’re told by our little – and not-so-little - ladies. For them, it’s probably a way of relaxing and getting rid of all the stresses and strains which build up as they carry out their responsible jobs.

What can I expect from a domination escort in London?

Well, for starters, when you meet up with a domination escort you can definitely expect to be punished. No piece of naughtiness – however miniscule – gets past a domination escort without any recourse.

There are various forms of degradation she has (literally) at her fingertips such as watersports, hardsports etc.

The type of equipment a domination escort in London may have at her disposal differs from escort to escort. Some incall domination escorts may even have their own dungeon for instance, in which case clients often find themselves spoiled for choice, as it were.

If your professional and discreet domination escort in London is successful enough for this to be the case ie that she has her own dungeon, then you’ll find items similar to a doggy cage, whipping post, straight jacket, sex swing, winch and probably a spanking bench. There will be a whole rack of BDSM equipment to go with it all.

That is not to say though that a domination escort who meets clients in her apartment is missing out in any way. Not at all. For in her apartment she will no doubt have paddles, whips, a tawse and old-fashioned headmaster canes. There’s probably also a latex vac bed, electrical zapper, a gimp mask and a balaclava. Expect also to find some restraining gear such as leather straps, ropes and even collars with chains.

How to book a domination escort in London with us here at Eros escorts

If you believe some pain and degradation could be right up your street then do get in touch with us to make an appointment with one of our ladies who specialise in domination. It is easy to do so once you go on to our website and choose from our 100 percent genuine and recent photographs which particular lady you would like to get to know on a more intimate footing. Next, do give us a call on 07393833382. Or, if that’s simply not possible, then email us via the Contact Us page on our website at https://www.erosescorts.co.uk/. Hurry up and do it though because, really, the last thing you want to be doing is to keep a domination escort waiting!

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