European Escorts

European escorts in London are a particularly varied bunch, originating from such warm get-aways as Southern Spain, Portugal, Italy and the South of France, as well as chillier climes such as Sweden and Denmark.

This means your choice feels practically unlimited – dark and passionate Italians, beautiful blonde Greeks, pale and sweet Czechoslovakians and amazingly attractive Austrians – choosing a European escort here at Eros escorts in London can be a bit like being faced with a chocolate box assortment where each sweet is more delicious than the next and makes choosing the next delicious chocolate even more difficult.

Of course, if you find it too difficult to choose then you could always treat yourself to a due escorting experience where you get two girls of separate nationalities at the one time. You could, for instance, hire a passionate Italian and a rather austere Austrian for your date; make notes afterwards and let us know how they compared. We’d be keen to hear. Then again, hire two passionate types such as Spanish and Portuguese but just make sure beforehand that you can cope with all the exertion and intensity!

Then again, you could always make sure you sample a babe from every part of the continent to find out which European country you happen to be most compatible with.

What do European escorts in London like to do?

We’ve found that the great majority of European escorts who work with us here t Eros Escorts in London love to go shopping – especially in the capital with all the designer and upmarket stores on Bond Street, as well as the independent boutiques in Carnaby Street. Even the French escorts from Paris and Italian women from Rome appreciate the huge number of designer stores that the capital has to offer.

Meanwhile, you will no doubt be very happy to hear that the great majority of our European escorts speak English very well; most of them having been taught it at school. Not that you are going to spend all your time with a gorgeous Continental woman discussing politics or culture, mind you...

How to book an appointment with a European escort London

Choose which of the lovely ladies you would like to get know intimately from the 100 percent genuine and unedited photographs there. Remember to read through the profiles too in order to find the match likely to suit you and your particular desires or needs best.

Next call us on 07393 833382 and we will let your chosen lady know where and when you would like to meet with her. Most of our European Escorts provide both incall and outcall services, but it’s always a good idea to double check the profiles first. If it’s easier you can also email us via the Contact Us page.

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