Fantasy Escorts

Fantasy Escorts in London are the super-confident and creative lot who simply enjoy dressing up and acting out a multitude of different and erotic fantasies that either they themselves or their clients come up with. It always makes for an exciting, fun and often risqué encounter; one no client forgets for quite some time – if ever.

What are fantasy escorts in London like?

The majority of fantasy escorts we have working with us here at Eros escorts are gregarious and on the loud side rather than shy and retiring. It’s not unusual to find some fantasy escorts who are currently at drama school and looking to perfect their acting abilities, for instance. One of our fantasy escorts is a writer (remember the recent Belle de Jour books). Don’t worry though about your exploits going down on the page at some future ‘written revelations’ stage – we make double sure that all our escorts are not just professional but also discreet.

Whatever their background though, our fantasy escorts in London love their work because it allows them to become completely immersed in it – to the extent for the hour or two they are acting out a different persona with their client, the ‘real world’ doesn’t exist.

What sort of fantasies does this type of escort engage in?

Most fantasy escorts in London are open to client’s suggestions (it’s their fantasy after all – although sometimes our escorts do ‘suggest’ particular scenarios). Some recent fantasies include smothering clients in various types of food such as aerosol cream or chocolate and licking it off, others have involved spying on the escort with another female or bondage type exercises.

What do fantasy escorts London look like?

Fantasy escorts, like all of our girls here at Eros Escorts in London, are quite simply stunning. You’ll find many fantasy escorts in London dress in PVC since there’s definitely something erotic about tight-fitting and shiny rubberised minis skirts and corsets. We can pretty much supply you with a fantasy escort in any figure shape (tall, slim, busty, athletic, extra large etc), hair colouring and even nationality.

How to book a fantasy escort London with Eros Escorts

Booking a fantasy escort is pretty much like booking any other lovely lady on our books. However, in order to get the most from your encounter think about the fantasy you would like to explore with your lovely escort before ringing us – that way we can ensure we get the perfect lady for your particular needs. It also gives your escort time to prepare any particular props that would enhance your meeting together.

Another thing we would like to mention is how important it is that you are able to relax when with your escort. For this reason, she may offer you a drink on entering – and which should also help rid you of any inhabitations you may initially have, especially on a first meeting. Often happy a tipple can help clients enjoy their experience more and your escort will probably join you too, especially if it’s upmarket champagne she’s pouring.

So, to book simply call 07393833382 or email via the Contact Us page.

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