Foot Fetish Escorts

For those not in the know or familiar with booking escort services you may be curious to know what exactly a Foot fetish escort in London can offer. And here at Eros escorts London we are happy to enlighten you. We have many gorgeous girls that we work with who happily offer these specialised services to clients.

What are Foot fetish escorts in London like?

Our Foot fetish escorts really aren’t that different to our other gorgeous girls working with us here in the capital. They tend to be beautiful, with gorgeous figures (choose between curvy, tall and slender or petite) and full of fun and naughtiness. Their love of life is obvious and it’s infectious, say our clients.

Foot fetish escorts offer their smaller digits (ie toes) for the delight of clients. The latter love to suck them, stroke them or simply just sit and admire these small – and often petite - pieces of flesh. Sometimes our sweet escort’s feet are enclosed in beautiful and expensive stilletoe shoes, at other times our lovely ladies will sit with their feet naked and exposed and vulnerable.

Some clients enjoy rubbing moisturiser and painting the toenails of our escorts; others just love to look and revere. Toe sucking is another activity beloved of clients. Many spend an hour rubbing, massaging and stimulating an escort’s feet. Lucky escort!

What does a Foot fetish escort London look like?

Our foot fetish escorts in London look like our other escorts; it’s not easy to tell just by looking which particular girls will offer their feet for worship. They are beautiful, of course, and proud of their bodies as a whole. However they are familiar with the desire certain clients have for their feet and are happy to indulge them – they receive a lot of pleasure in the process so why not?!

By far the majority of foot fetish escorts tend to be incall. That’s because it’s easier for them to keep their feet beautiful and naked for clients if they are in their own homes. Having said that, some do offer outcall services where their clients love to remove their shoes the minute they step over the threshold and start pampering to their heart’s content straight away.

How to book a fabulous Foot fetish escort in London

It’s easy to book a gorgeous stunning Foot fetish escort with us here at Eros escorts London. Our lovely ladies are 100 percent professional and discreet so you don’t have to worry about any identity issues.

All the photographs are also unedited and have been taken recently so the girl you choose online will look exactly like the lady you will meet in the flesh during your date.

Let us know which particular beauty offering her lovely digits that you would like to meet by giving us a call on 07393 833382. You can also email us, if it’s easier, via the Contact Us page on our website at https://www.erosescorts.co.uk/. We look forward to hearing from you!

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