French Escorts

For those in the know, French escorts in London tend to be a mysterious and sensual lot. That’s because they quite simply waft sex appeal; even when they’re not trying to. There is almost certainly something about the way they carry themselves, as well as their immaculate dress sense, general prettiness – and there is, of course, that sexy French accent which is so difficult to ignore (even if you wanted to). Overall though there is a haughtiness in French women which most men find an irresistible challenge – and one to be won over at all costs.

What do French escorts London look like?

French escorts tend to be small and petite rather than tall and willowy. Having said there, there are very slender French escorts, particularly those women in their late teens and very early twenties.

Your French escort in London – or anywhere else in the world for that matter – will always turn up immaculately dressed; chicness is almost an innate character trait for French women and something they appear to have learned from their mother’s knee.

In terms of colouring, most French women have dark or brunette hair; blonde French women aren’t that common in comparison to Sweden or even right here in England.

Where should you go with a French escort in London?

French escorts in the capital always appreciate a bit of culture; although do bear in mind that nothing in London is ever going to compare to the beauty of Paris as far as she is concerned (certainly if she’s Parisian).

It’s best then to take her for a meal (make it a Michelin-starred restaurant!), the theatre or a cocktail bar somewhere. A walk and country pub is always a good idea too at the weekend. The thing she would like best though, we’re pretty sure, is a mini break to the continent.

Many of our clients book a French escort when they have been invited to a business event. This is because if you’re out to impress a boss and want to stand out from your colleagues then a French woman will help you do this. She will be immaculately turned out, have a sophisticated air and our bet is that she’s probably more well-read than you are.

How to book a French escort in London

Booking an assignation with a French escort in London really could not be simpler. We have listed some of the best girls we work with under the French Escorts section on our website. Read through their profiles and be truly impressed; trust too that all the photographs of these gorgeous girls are completely genuine (ie not photo-shopped) and have been taken within at least the past 12 months.

Next, please just call us to let us know which particular French fancy you would like to get to know on a more intimate footing. Our number is 07393833382. If it makes things easier for you then you can also drop us an email today via our website.

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