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Gfe escorts in London is the quickest growing service being offered by Eros escorts these days. More than any other men seem to appreciate both the emotional, spiritual and physical sense of companionship such an escorting adventure can offer.

A Gfe (which stands for ‘girlfriend experience’) date can include kissing, cuddling, hand holding, talking and everything that you’d expect to do with a girlfriend. In fact, so similar is it to have a real relationship that it can often be quite difficult for clients not to fall in love with their escort. Because they are trained in the service escorts tend to be able to cope with this aspect but for clients, it’s often a whole other ball game...

What can I expect from a Gfe escort London?

You can definitely expect a certain level of intimacy from a Gfe encounter – much more than you would with say a standard escort date. A Gfe escort in London also tends to make much more time available for her clients. This means she may spend an entire afternoon with the one client, stay overnight or even spend the entire weekend away with him.

Where does the client benefit from a Gfe escort in London

Here at Eros escorts in London we believe that the growing popularity of gfe services in the escorting professional is mostly due to one thing – a lack of time amongst professionals. Many businessmen work such long hours during the week that they don’t have the time to court a girlfriend. Yet, they still yearn for the intimacy that being with one brings. With a Gfe escort, they can get that closeness and companionship but they don’t have to work at the relationship or put in the time that they don’t have in order to receive it. So, in summary, the rise of the Gfe escort we believe it all to do with a speeded-up society and lack of time to socialise.

Where should I go with a Gfe escort in London?

A typical first date with a Gfe escort will often involve dinner in an intimate little bistro somewhere where you can both get to know each other; or it could be in a noisy bar where any first night nerves on the client’s part will be instantly knocked on the head with all the noise and raucousness of such an establishment. The second or third date may lead to a weekend away, either in a romantic country hotel or even a mini-break on the continent.

How do I book a Gfe escort London?

It’s extremely important when booking a Gfe escort with us here at Eros escorts that you read through the profiles of the girls in this category as well as look at their photographs. That’s because reading about their interests and a little of their background will make sure you get the kind of girl that is more suited to you. Incidentally, you can be sure that all the photographs on our website are completely genuine in that they haven’t been edited and all have been taken within the past 12 months.

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