Hairy Escorts

Hairy escorts in London are just as prolific as they are in say ‘all natural’ California and other areas of the West Coast of America. What do we mean by a ‘hairy escort’ though? Well, all it refers to is the fact that the escort is unshaven, meaning her body hair is allowed to grow wild and unruly. That usually means in terms of her pubic hair, although she may leave other areas – such as the armpits or legs - unshaven or unwaxed too.

The type of escorts who are unshaven aren’t embracing some sort of ‘hippy’ culture, it’s just that many of them prefer a ‘natural’ way of life; for instance, some of these lovely ladies even spur wearing make-up.

Of course, German women have been going around unshaven for decades now – in fact, they are famous for it. And certainly, if you book a German escort in London, chances are she is pretty hairy down below and everywhere else (you can ask her about this before meeting up, of course!).

Plenty of women have Brazilians (ie a waxing which leaves them completely hairless) and then there is French waxing (where a slim ‘landing strip’ is left). But because the removal of crotch hair is believed to make a woman look younger, it follows that not shaving or waxing her pubic hair has the opposite effect ie it makes the barer more ‘womanly.’ And indeed this is what many men find and why hairy escorts in London don’t have any problems with being booked. In fact, many of our hair escorts actually have a waiting list of potential clients, such is the demand for their services.

What’s the easiest way to book a Hairy escort London?

If a hairy escort is the type of woman who appeals to you (and certainly, why wouldn’t she?!) then do get in touch with us here at Eros escorts in London today. Once you do make contact we will endeavour to put you in touch with one of our top-rated girls. Just take a look at the Hairy Escorts in London page on our website www.erosescorts.co.uk to see if there is any lovely lady who particularly catches your eye and whom you feel you would like to (literally) see more of...

Meanwhile, you will no doubt be very pleased – and relieved - to hear that all the photographs you see on our site are 100 percent genuine and haven’t been photo-shopped or edited in any way whatsoever. They have also been taken within the 12 months which means that who you see is exactly who you get.

If, having read this article you feel that you would most definitely like to book a date with one of our seriously sexy hairy escorts in London then just call us on 07393833382 or send us an email via our Contact Us page on the website. Rest assured that if we don’t answer your call or email right away then it’s because we are otherwise engaged but will definitely make sure we reply as soon as we possibly can – usually within 24 hours at least.

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