Hardsports Escorts

Hardsports escorts in London are becoming more commonplace these days since an increasing number of clients seem to be asking for an escort to perform this activity – which is often referred to as a toilet training fetish. And actually, for the uninitiated, it can seem rather strange but there is certainly a demand for it and here at Eros escorts in London we have some stunning and extremely accommodating women who are very happy to satisfy that demand.

What exactly do hardsports escorts in London do?

Hardsports escorts provide a service which, depending on which circles you move in, is also known as coprophilia and scat. Basically, a hardsports encounter involves the escort defecating on the client (although it can go both ways if the escort is willing).

It’s usually a practice which comes under the banner of domination escorting since there is an aspect of humiliation in it; indeed there are some clients who like to regard themselves as ‘toilet slaves.’ Meanwhile, some people believe hardsports is the ultimate in domination for an escort. Others say it is the next step up from watersports and a natural continuation (not all escorts see it this way though).

What preparation is needed before meeting a hardsports escort in London

The majority of preparation for a client and escort meeting involving is hardsports is undertaken by the escort. But because faeces contain organisms that can lead to infection we always recommend that clients make sure they have up to date Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccinations before undertaking a hardsports encounter with one of our escorts.

Meanwhile, the escort’s diet is crucial here. She will always avoid fatty foods as well as meet at least 24 hours before meeting a client for hardsports services. Instead, she will feast on vegetables, fruit and grains so that her stools will be soft, easy to pass and not too ‘smelly’, as it were. Certainly, most hardsports escorts who work with us here at Eros escorts swear by a bowl or two of All Bran to counter any odours with their poo.

Waterproof sheets are also essential for this activity; well certainly if you want to protect the furniture and furnishings anyhow. For this reason, if an escort is providing outcall services she will always bring speciality covering with her.

How do I book a hardsports escort London?

Booking a hardsports escort with us here at Eros escorts in London is more or less the same as engaging with any other escort with the exception that you do need to let us know what you have in mind beforehand so that we can notify your chosen escort in time. That way she can understand your needs and prepare, while you can be sure you’ll get the best service she can provide – and which is bound to be top rate.

To book your hardsports escort take a look at the lovely ladies offering this service on our website at www.erosescorts.co.uk. Next, simply give us a call on 07393833382 or email us via the Contact US page on our website. See – easy!

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