Italian Escorts

Italian escorts in London are a wonderful novelty. Certainly, there are not enough of these lovely Latin ladies in the capital in our opinion here at Eros Escorts London. Having said that, we must confess to having the cream of the crop when it comes to beautiful, sexy and sophisticated Italian escorts.

Glamorous with a capital G, these women really know how to dress and apply make-up. They have what we would term a sophisticated and classy look rather than a raunchy appearance, and it goes down incredibly well with our clients and, in fact, most males in general.

What are Italian escorts in London like?

We are sure that it won’t surprise you too much to learn that most clients refer to the passion and excitement that Italian escorts reveal on a date – and which, in turn, has a corresponding effect on their own mood. This means a meeting with an Italian escort in London tends to heat up pretty quickly.

Certainly, every Italian woman we have met has a fiery Latin temperament. She doesn’t always choose to show it, of course, but it’s always there in her genes. Maybe it’s the hot Mediterranean climate she grew up in or the way her fellow countrymen learned to express themselves, but it’s certainly something that’s always bubbling away under the surface. We like to look at it as a little extra frisson of excitement that makes being with a hot Italian woman so intriguing and even slightly dangerous.

What do Italian escorts in London like to do?

Italians the world over love to eat. And no wonder – the culinary traditions in their country are exemplary. Most Italian women learned to cook from their Nona from a young age and are capable of producing a pretty-much restaurant-standard risotto or pasta dish. For that reason, if you’re taking an Italian escort out to dine then take her somewhere special where you know she won’t be able to pick fault with the food. We’re thinking trendy Barrafina in Soho or the iconic River Cafe in Hammersmith. Then again, if you really want to push the boat out, there’s always fine dining at celebrity chef Michel Roux Jr's Le Gavroche in Mayfair.

Italian escorts are also excellent to take to a work event if you want to impress. That’s because they are so stylish and sophisticated that they will always raise a complimentary eyebrow or two with colleagues. Chances are they are bilingual too and that their English is impeccable.

How to book an Italian escort in London

To get the top Italian escorts in the capital then you have to book through ourselves here at Eros Escorts London. It’s very easy to do. Simply look through the photographs (they are 100 percent genuine and unedited) and corresponding profiles on the Italian Escorts page of our website.

Once you’ve chosen a beautiful Italian babe the next step is to call us on 07393833382. If it’s easier then you’re also welcome to drop us an email via the Contact Us page on our website at https://www.erosescorts.co.uk/.

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