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Lesbian escorts in London are relatively common-place these days, just as they are in cities throughout the UK, we’re sure. Here at Eros escorts in London we can’t help but be made aware that the really interesting thing about lesbian escorts is that it offers women in their fourth or fifth decade who have maybe wondered if they’re gay, the chance to find out for themselves where they stand sexually. And the best bit is that it’s all done in private – in a very discreet and personal manner. In other words, nobody else gets to know about their ‘little experiment’ (and which is quite a tricky thing to be able to accomplish is these days of 24-hour social media use).

Are more women booking lesbian escorts in London?

We’ve found that the number of women booking a lesbian escort in London has tripled in recent years. Over the years women have been growing more confident of their sexuality and certainly, in recent years, there has been a lot of talk of ‘gender fluidity’. This crosses many paths and makes people re-examine their sexuality.

Why type of women book lesbian escorts in London?

A lot of busy professional women who simply find that they don’t have time for a relationship but don’t want to miss out on female company tend to book our lesbian escorts more frequently than say older married women or young women.

Some of the women are only in London for the weekend because they’ve come for a shopping trip or cultural visit and fancy meeting up with a lesbian escort in London at the same time.

Do men book lesbian escorts in London as well?

Men will book lesbian escorts but mostly for party purposes or launch events ie they want to be able to offer a selection of types to guests and to show they are not discriminatory in any way – just like they will ask to have escorts of various nationalities at their get-togethers too.

Where will I meet my lesbian escort in London?

Our gorgeous and slim, or busty girls (there’s no ‘butch’ types here) offer both incall and outcall services. With an appointment with a lesbian incall escort, things can become a little more ‘spiced up’ – if that’s what a client wants – thanks to the fact the girls have all their ‘utensils’ at their own place, including one particularly adventurous escort who has transformed her basement into a spectacular home dungeon.

Then again, outcall escorts will happily turn up at a client’s apartment for a date or organise a rendezvous in a city centre hotel room, restaurant, coffee shop or even a park – just wherever the client happens to feel more comfortable.

How to book a lesbian escort in London

To book a date with one of our sexy Lesbian escorts today all you have to do is give us a ring on 07393833382 or email us via our website. https://www.erosescorts.co.uk/. Just let us know which girl, in particular, you’d like to meet with, and when, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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