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When we talk about massage escorts in London we mean gorgeous girls in the capital who know how to make a client go crazy with their erotic pummelling and deft, sensual hand movements. It’s a completely different experience to the typical type of deep tissue massage you can receive in any Spa or clinic these days – and far superior as well (just check out some of the reviews from totally chilled out clients to see how impressed they were).

What does a massage escort London actually do?

The minute you arrive at your chosen massage escort in London’s apartment she will attempt to relax you so that you begin to feel comfortable in her presence. If your session is for an hour then the massage itself will probably last for around 30 minutes. The rest of the session is for play and intimacies or even stoking and chatting if that’s what you prefer. Before her client leaves every good massage escort will offer him or her a warm towel for a shower, along with a preferred alcoholic refreshment.

Another difference between an escort’s massage and one you will receive from a Spa is the setting. Although a Spa will seek to provide a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, your escort will be looking to create an ambience verging more on the erotic. Candles, which provide an orange warm glow are always a good mood setter; so too is soft, sensual music such as blues or soul. Your massage escort will provide a sensual light oil to rub into your skin and make the actual massaging go smoother – now is definitely the time to warn her if you happen to be allergic to any particular substances such as lavender or rose oil etc.

Probably the biggest difference between an erotic massage and a Spa massage is ‘the touching aspect.’ With a massage escort in London, you can expect her to rest her breasts on her client when leaning over him, or to brush against her client’s thigh with her own. Her hair may fall onto his back and tickle him while she might suddenly straddle him to get more purchase while working on his back or front chest area.

Some massage escorts will carry out a massage for their client in the nude (depending on either how well they know him/her or what has been pre-requested in the booking). Others will wear a light robe or even sensual lingerie and which can be easily pulled open with a drawstring.

How do I book a massage escort in London?

If after reading this you get the impression that a massage from an escort is incredibly arousing then believe us here at Eros escorts London, it definitely is. - When choosing a massage escort for yourself be aware that the services vary between massage escorts. For this reason, it’s worth reading through every massage escort in London’s profile carefully before booking – just to ensure they are indeed offering the same services you happen to be looking for.

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