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Lots of men love meeting up with our Petite escorts in London. They will also choose small and bird-like women such as Desperate Housewives gorgeous Eva Longoria over tall and slim or big and busty women every time. The reasons for this are numerous and we’ve tried to explain some of them below to give you an idea why for some of the male population small and dinky women are akin to Goddesses.

Why do men choose petite escorts in London?

Certainly, for some clients, it’s the height thing that’s the main issue. Men tend to like to ‘dominate’ – it’s kind of innate, even if they don’t admit it to themselves. One way to dominate is to tower over a woman height-wise. Lots of (shall we say) vertically-challenged male clients don’t like going out with women taller than themselves as they feel it threatens their masculinity (although it tends to bother our gorgeous girls here at Eros escorts one little bit).

Another reason men choose to date petite escorts in London is quite simply because they find little women cute; slight wrists, tiny feet and a waist they can practically put their two hands around – some men can’t get enough of the doll-like stature of petite women.

To some men, dainty, small, petite escorts are more feminine and romantic than their taller sisters. Certainly, they appear much more fragile and in need of protection (even if they do happen to have a black belt in Karate; many of our girls here at Eros escorts London are pretty big on self-defence techniques).

Also, could it be that because they are small and doll-like, petite women look as if they’re more fun ie they’re small enough to run around like a child and not look weird or awkward? This also makes them far more fun to play-wrestle with.

What to petite escorts in London dress like?

Many of our ‘little girls’ like to dress up as just that – school girls, complete with a uniform of white shirt, black skirt, stockings, tie and boater (some even carry a hockey stick – what they do with it is anybody’s business!). Anyways, the dress-up is, of course, all to do with the favourite Role Playing scenarios that clients ask for.

How to book a sweet petite escort in London

If you have been thinking of booking a petite escort in London for some time now but have never been able to pluck up the courage, then now is the time to bite the bullet and simply go for it. Once you’ve finished reading this article simply pop on over to our website at https://www.erosescorts.co.uk/. There you can look at the clearly marked Petite Escorts category and find the lovely lady who appeals to you most.

Next, simply pick up the phone and call us to book an appointment on 07393833382 or you can email us via the Contact Us page on our website. It really is that easy to guarantee a fabulous night of fun and frolicking.

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