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Over the last decade or so the number of Polish escorts in London has grown hugely – and here at Eros escorts London we are delighted about that. Polish girls tend to be amongst the sweetest and most polite of any nationalities we work with – to the extent we will often give them priority if a last minute call comes in from a new client. We know they will always uphold the reputation of the company magnificently. And certainly the feedback we get for our Polish girls is second to none.

Why should I opt for a Polish escort in London?

Why would we recommend you meet a Polish girl rather than say a Latino escort or a Brazilian babe? Both of those latter two nationalities that we just mentioned can be passionate but also pretty hot-tempered when aroused. Some men like that but if you’re a first time client coming to us then a Polish girl is always courteous and polite. She will go out of her way to make you feel welcome and relaxed – even if that means an extra massage or some soothing and sensual starter.

Many Polish escorts in London are students and just trying to make the most of their time in the capital. That means trying out all the cultural attractions. Entrance to these, not to mention the cost of living in London - can be incredibly expensive and it’s why many Polish girls supplement their student income by working with us here at Eros escorts London as escorts.

This is certainly not something we’re complaining about of course, although it does mean that many of them work part-time in comparison to some of the other girls who work full-time, including weekends. Still there are plenty of Polish girls to go around; and not all of them are students anyhow – some are here working as part-time lingerie models while others are trying to break into the world of acting or music (London being the kind of city that young people flock to in order to get ‘a break’ when it comes to creative and media professions).

What do Polish escorts in London look like?

When meeting a pretty Polish escort you’ll find she is slim, of average height and with blonde tresses (we also have the brunette and dark-haired Polish girls, of course, but on the whole, the majority have long blonde hair). They also tend to have milky white smooth skin – almost porcelain-like – and look far younger for their years than a lovely young woman who has grown up south of the equator.

How do I book a Polish escort in London?

Booking a Polish escort here in the capital is a piece of cake really. It’s simply a case of scrolling through the Polish Escorts category on our website and seeing which particular young lovelies happen to catch your eye. Incidentally, none of our photographs is photo-shopped and all are recent.

Next just telephone 07393833382 or write to us via email at our website https://www.erosescorts.co.uk/. Yep, it really is that simple!

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