Pse Escorts

Here at Eros Escorts, we are proud to be able to announce that we have, without doubt, some of the most adventurous PSE escorts in London. We know this because our clients – who have admitted to trying other escort agencies in the past – never tire of telling us we’re the best.

What is a Pse escort in London?

For the uninitiated, the acronym PSE stands for Porn Star Escort. This is a saucy escort who offers a very particular service to clients. As the name suggests she is pretty outgoing, creative and definitely uninhibited when it comes to positions and having plenty of fun. In other words, our gorgeous girls offer the type of experience you could expect to view in a porn film. That means plenty of role-playing of various scenarios eg plumber and housewife, boss and secretary. It could also involve plenty of ‘noises’ such as grunting, moaning and cries of desire, along with perhaps a little spanking, dirty talk, the use of sex toys, anal entry and even different types of bondage.

What do Pse escorts in London look like?

Pse escorts are always incredibly sexy; most are incredibly busty to the extent some have enhanced boobs as large as double F’s or even G’s. They come in all types of hair colouring, from redheads to beautiful blondes and brazen brunettes. They tend to be shapely and curved rather than slim and all are drop dead gorgeous. Well, you wouldn’t expect anything less of a ‘movie star’ – even if it is a pretend one...

The experience a Pse escort offers is completely based on trust – both for the client and the escort, especially since bondage and adventurous physical routines are often involved. This means it is often best to meet your Pse escort in London at least a couple of times in person in order to build up a rapport before booking a Pse session.

How to book a Pse escort in London with Eros escorts

Meeting your Pse escort beforehand also gives you the opportunity to discuss what you like and dislike, as well as inform your saucy Pse escort you will meet with of your favourite fantasy scenarios in order for her to organise props for when you do meet up for a Pse date.

To set up a meeting with one of our incredibly sexy Pse escorts in London take a look through the photographs of the girls who offer the service on our website. Incidentally, we are proud to be able to announce that all photographs on our site are not just unedited but also recent. This means your Pse escort will indeed look exactly as she does on the site. While gazing at their gorgeous photographs take time to read through the profiles too as each girl offers services which differ slightly and one may be more suited to your needs and desires than the others.

Once you have decided on your lovely lady simply call us on 07393833382 or drop us an email via the Contact Us page on our website at Eros Escorts.

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