Redhead Escorts

Believe it or not, all of our redhead escorts in London really do live up to the classic stereotype of such girl in that they tend to be the most passionate and quick-tempered of all our saucy sirens (excluding the Italian and Latin American escorts here in London, that is).

Apparently, it really is all in the genes. They are responsible for making these raunchy redheads go slightly ‘off the wall’ at times. This is great if the cause of a gorgeous redhead’s heightened emotions is down to unbridled passion; if it’s anger, on the other hand, then you probably don’t want to remain in the same room and it’s best to simply extricate yourself from the scene.

And talking of genes, you may be interested to know that scientists have actually been able to identify the gene that makes red-headed individuals of both sexes temperamental and passionate. It’s called the MC1R receptor and as well as making them more liable to fly off the handle, it also makes redheads more sensitive to pain. Does this mean redheads also feel ecstasy more intensely? Now there’s a little study you can get started on yourself – and to share the results with us... Certainly, researchers at the University of Hamburg found that redheads had more orgasms than brunettes or even blondes. Does that mean they have more sex? Who knows...

What do redhead escorts in London look like?

Most of our redhead escorts in London have long wavy hair; some redhead escorts do have their hair cropped but that tends to be the sophisticated and older escorts aged in their forties and beyond.

Not all of our redhead escorts have that pale white skin you associate with such girls either. Some dark-skinned girls also have red hair and which looks simply stunning on them (we can’t vouch for it being natural though!).

Redheads are more creative

Are redheads more drawn to the arts than those with other colourings? Possibly – due to the ‘passion’ gene. Certainly, when you look at the number of gorgeous redheaded actresses there are, there are quite a few impressive names – Nicole Kidman, Mad Men’s Christina Hendrix and beautiful Scots babe Isla Fisher for starters.

How to book a redhead escort in London

If we’ve aroused your curiosity and you now feel desperate to meet up with a redheaded escort well, we don’t blame you one bit. All of our redhead beauties at Eros escorts are certainly stunning and great fun to be with. Why not have fun and find out for yourself if redheads really are more passionate at the same time?

To book, just choose a lovely lady from the Redhead Escorts category on our website www.erosescorts.co.uk. Incidentally, all of the photographs are both recent and unedited so what you see online really will be what you will get in real life.

Next, give us a call on 07393833382. If it’s more convenient though then you also have the option of sending an email using the Contact Us page. See you soon!

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