Spanking Escorts

Spanking escorts in London are becoming more and more popular these days. We aren’t quite sure why that should be but we are guessing it has something to do with the fact that folks are much more open about their sexuality these days, and that includes being more upfront about what they like.

When it comes to what clients like to be spanked with it varies from paddles to whips, dog chains and even rolled up newspapers (if that’s the first thing to hand during an impromptu spanking session).

What are spanking escorts in London like?

Spanking escorts here at Eros escorts London are very much good fun. They tend to be the type of girl that will always help get a party started. Uninhibited and outgoing many of our spanking escorts in London also offers fantasy, role-playing and domination services for clients – indeed much of the spanking is usually carried out during the latter.

Does a session with a spanking escort London hurt?

You can arrange it so that the pain that comes with a spanking session is as intense or as mild as you want it to be. And, if things aren’t working out the way you envisaged then you can always stop your session by reciting a keyword or phrase you and your escort have discussed beforehand. Of course, many times, the intensity and force of the spanking depends on whether or not you have obeyed your escort well that day or not...

Quite often it’s not just the pain that’s important to a client during a spanking session, but also the mental humiliation that accompanies it – and which is where the domination aspect comes to the fore. Sometimes it’s you who gets to spank the escort – again the safe word or phrase has to be agreed beforehand so that the escort feels mainly in control of what’s going on.

Do spanking escorts London like their work?

Often our spanking escorts are kinkier than their clients. You could say it’s why they got into that line of work in the first place. If you don’t like an activity like spanking then it shows, and it’s difficult to carry out on a regular basis. So, rest-assured our spanking escorts absolutely love what they spend their afternoons and evening doing.

How to book the best spanking escorts in London

Is spanking an activity that you think you may enjoy? Well certainly, you’ll never know until you try. Incidentally, a surprisingly huge percentage of the population (around 70 percent in one-bed manufacturer’s survey we saw) admits to having tried out a spanking session in the bedroom at one time or another.

If that’s not you and you’re wondering what you are missing out on then don’t worry - you can easily get in touch with one of our spanking escorts by emailing us via the Contact Us page on our website at www.erosescorts.co.uk. Then again, it’s probably even easier to just call us on 07393833382.

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