Tall Escorts

Tall escorts in London aren’t so unusual to pin down these days. Thanks to better nutrition within the past few decades we’re all taller in the UK and Europe as a whole these days. What admittedly can be challenging to find though, is a tall escort in the UK capital who is also drop dead gorgeous and an escort to boot. However, worry not – for if tall ladies is your ‘thing’ then we have an eye-watering choice of exactly that type of lovely lady right here at Eros escorts in London.

Actually, for clarification, we consider tall escorts to be women who are at least 5ft 10” tall (the average height for most men). Of course, with high heels on these women become over 6ft and positively statuesque. Meanwhile, as an added bonus, you will also find that the majority of all women are also blessed in the legs department with very long and shapely lower limbs for you to linger your peepers over.

Want a Tall escort London to make me feel small?

Only those who have Small Man Syndrome (SMS) will feel a bit overpowered by a tall escort. Most clients love having a tall willowy blonde or brunette hanging on their arm. Having said that, if you don’t want your tall escort in London to wear high heels then simply let her know beforehand and we’re sure she’ll be fine meeting you in flats.

Where should I visit with a Tall escort in London

You should go exactly where you like with your tall escort in London. You’re the one calling the shots after all. If you’re an out-of-towner and fancy a cultural afternoon then take her to a few art galleries or the theatre. If you’re a shopper, head down Bond Street and into Selfridges, Harrods etc (we’re sure this is her kind of afternoon too!); being tall she’s going to look terrific in most styles of clothing, after all.

If all that trekking around the stores makes you feel hungry then there are an impressive selection of Michelin-starred restaurants in the capital to take your tall escort too. Some establishments that come particularly highly recommended are Angela Hartnett’s Murano in Mayfair, Alyn Williams at the Westbury in Oxford Street and Amaya in Belgravia.

How to book a Tall escort London

To book a Tall escort in London decide what height you’d like your lovely lady to then scroll through the 100 percent genuine photographs on our website to see which girl rocks your boat, as it were. Make sure to read the profiles; rest-assured all our girls are professional and discreet, even those who have been with us less than six months since all receive impeccable training.

Once you have made your choice of girl (chose several to give you variety for future dates) simply call us on 07393 833382 or email via the Contact Us page our website at https://www.erosescorts.co.uk/. We will always reply to your email ASAP since we’re well aware no-one likes to be kept waiting; our beautiful babes least of all.

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