Watersport Escorts

For the uninitiated, you may very well be wondering what watersports escorts in London get up to. Well, for starters, they’re certainly not training for the Commonwealth Games. Actually, the activity is probably not a million miles away from what you happen to be thinking about right now. It’s similar to Golden Showers in that it involves an escort urinating on a client and vice versa. This can be done in a straightforward way or during a fantasy or role-playing dress-up session.

Are watersports escorts in London regarded as ‘kinky’?

Watersports is a specific service that you can request here at Eros escorts in London. It’s an activity that once experienced you will go on to enjoy and experiment with further as your curiosity gets the better of you (which it inevitably will do). As you can imagine being with a watersports escort in London is a very intimate service. It’s also an extremely healthy activity since fresh urine is sterile and is regularly used in naturopathy for detoxing purposes.

Watersports often come in to play in domination and submission services offered by escorts since it can reflect power (the one doing the urinating) and humiliation (being urinated on). Because of this, it can often be described as a ‘kinky’ escorting activity.

When it comes to watersports there are various rules to keep in mind. Some watersports escorts in London, for instance, only agree to receive urine beneath the neck; others are happy to agree with their face being involved too.

Do I have to prepare for a watersports escort in London?

It’s important to make sure you drink enough water prior to a date with a watersports escort since this is your ‘equipment.’ We would always recommend doing this around 20 to 30 minutes prior to meeting up. Don’t drink too much though as you won’t be able to keep it all in! Sipping slowly is best for long-term activity.

It might also be an idea to read up on the particular positions used in a watersports session in case there are any you would particularly like to try with your escort. Some of the most popular include Flooding the Cave, the Log (where the escort crouches over the client), The Nile (where the escort lies flat on her back) and the Fountain of Venus (which is self-explanatory, really).

How to book a watersports escort London

Wondering how to make a date with a watersports escort right here in the capital? We don’t blame you. You will no doubt be delighted to hear that our gorgeous gals operate on both an incall and outcall basis, meaning they will come to your place or you can come and meet them in their own apartment.

Once you’ve chosen a watersports escort from our website www.erosescorts.co.uk just get in touch by calling us directly on 07393833382. If you prefer you can also email us directly via our website Contact Us page. We will always endeavour to reply to you as soon as we possibly can.

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