Wrestling Escorts

When it comes down to it, there really aren’t all that many wrestling escorts in London considering the capital’s population – which, at the last count in 2016, was reckoned to be around 8.65 million. That’s pretty surprising really when you consider how popular wrestling amongst women is (well, certainly amongst men anyway, who adore watching gorgeous girls, wearing tight-fitting outfits and grappling with each other in a ring). We’re definitely not talking Sumo here but rather beautiful slim babes with long longs and hair – well, you get the picture, we’re sure.

For many of us though seeing two gorgeous girls wrestling each other on a muddy ground must take clients back to their earlier school days where such a spectacle surely serves as a reminder of girl classmates fighting in the school playground (usually over some boy who wasn’t worth it in the first place – at least that’s our experience). Hair pulling is out these days, of course, since in wrestling the girls must grip each other’s arms, long legs or slim waist instead an attempt to get the other female down on the floor.

Of course, most of our girls these days use baby oil rather than mud with which to smear themselves and each other (not only does baby oil do a much better job than mud because (a) it makes their flesh enticingly glisten (b) it is much easier to clean off and (c) it smells far better. It also makes the actual wrestling more erotic since the skin becomes slippery so makes hands go where they shouldn’t – and which is all the more fun.

However, if you still can’t get past the idea of watching girls rolling around in the messiest of mud to their heart’s content then we are sure that this can be arranged too; we certainly don’t have any shortage of potential participants.

Can I join in with wrestling escorts in London?

There is no reason why a client can’t join in with the tussle when he finds wrestling escorts grappling together. In fact, sometimes a client just wants the one girl to come to his apartment so it’s he (or she) that gets to do all the physical falling on top of the sexy escort, as well as the highly erotic lying underneath and being forcibly pinned to the floor (or vice versa).

How to book a wresting escort in London

If you would like to take on one of our incredible fit, athletic and utterly gorgeous wresting escorts in London then all you have to do is choose who you would like to meet after looking through the 100 percent genuine photographs on our website under the category page Wrestling Escorts. Next, simply give us a call here at Eros Escorts on 07393833382. You can also email us of course – as some clients find that easier - via the Contact Us page on our website at www.erosescorts.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you – and so do our lovely ladies.

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