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The home of Heathrow and British Airways HQ, Hillingdon is London’s outermost borough. But it still has excellent transport links so theirs is no difficulty at all getting out here to meet with your Hillingdon escort.

Sitting so close to Heathrow makes Hillingdon an excellent location to meet with an escort in London. And after your long flight, you’re no doubt going to be looking forward to a relaxing drink, meal or massage.

Our Hillingdon escorts are experienced in numerous relaxation techniques and used to dealing with stressed executives or over-eager entrepreneurs. An evening in their hands is an excellent way to de-stress.

What are our Hillingdon escorts like?

Not only are our Hillingdon ladies excellent masseurs, some of them are also excellent cooks and are more than happy to prepare a meal at home if you can’t face the hassle of going into town, let alone central London. Others are fantastic listeners and happy to sit and hear you out while sharing a glass of champers or two.

They’ll also make you laugh, we’re certain, since most of our girls have outgoing personalities – in a way, it’s a pre-requisite for the job.

Physically our girls come in all shapes and sizes and with different colouring. There are British and Canadian girls, Mexicans, Scandinavians and Russian ladies. Just tell us the type of girl you would like to spend time with and we are sure we will be able to offer you a choice.

Where to dine with your Hillingdon escort

The sumptuous Humphrey’s Restaurant in Stoke Park is an exquisite old country manor house with a discreet ambiance, high quality food, fabulous wine list and perfect service – that all puts it top of the list for dining in Hillingdon, as far as we are concerned. The sommelier's knowledge of wine is also second to none.

Another stunner for dining in with your Hillingdon escort is nearby Friend’s Restaurant. A traditional but cosy feel to it, this restaurant has – as its name suggests – an incredibly friendly and welcoming staff. And the food’s not bad either!

Where to take your Escort in Hillingdon

If you feel the need to cool off because your Hillingdon escort has just sent your temperature racing, then the Lido might be a good idea. Nip into the Waters Edge pub for a drink afterwards.

A great area for parks, you can get fresh air aplenty while walking with your escort in Hillingdon. Head for the likes of Northwood Recreation Ground, Philpots Farm or Pinkwell Park.

Booking your escort for a night out in Hillingdon

Once you have decided that you’re coming to meet with one of our Hillingdon escorts, take the time to scroll through the 100 per cent genuine photographs we have of our girls on the Hillingdon page. Next, make a choice then contact us either via telephone on 07393833382 or by writing to us at our website Eros Escorts. If we don’t answer you directly then don’t worry – we are never far away and will get back in touch as soon as we possibly can. Certainly we will never keep you waiting.

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